Brain Tumor Support Group

4th Thursday of every month

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Sylvester Room 3408

Refreshments served, parking validated

A sharing and educational support group for Brain Tumor Cancer Patients, Friends & Families

Provide educational opportunities for patients as part of the comprehensive cancer center experience
Enable open discussions among patients and presenters in a friendly and supportive environment
Help prepare new patients for future treatment options

A place to exchange information, support and friendship with others whose lives are affected by Brain Tumors.
A forum for sharing practical tips and strategies for coping with the many changes connected with Brain Tumors.
A place to express feelings and receive emotional support.
To promote the development of supporting relationships among members between meetings.
To help patients, and their families learn to cope with, adjust to and accept the diagnosis of brain tumor disease.
To help and encourage each other through mutual support, and to share problems and joys.

Past Dates, Presenters, and Topics

03/24/16 Introduction to Brain Tumor Support Group – the Brain Tumor Initiative Team

04/28/16 “Living Beyond Cancer; The Anti-Inflammatory Diet” presented by Lesley Klein, MS, RD, CSO, LD/N

05/25/16 “Psychosocial Aspects of Brain Tumors” presented by Dr. Maria Rueda-Lara, MD

06/23/16 “Radiation Options & Side Effects” presented by Dr. Arnold Markoe, MD

07/28/16 “Managing the neurological symptoms” presented by Dr. Deborah Heros, MD

08/25/16 “Exercise Physiology: Strengthening” presented by Dr. Stacy Cutrono, MD

09/22/16 “Cancer Community Resources” presented by Altheresa Clark, LCSW

10/27/16 “Self-care and cancer community resources” by Altheresa Clark, LCSW

11/24/16 “Music Therapy and Wellness” by Marlen Rodriguez-Wolfe,M.M, MT-BC

12/22/16 “Clinical trials in neuro-oncology” by Dr. Macarena De la Fuente

Altheresa Clark, MSW, LCSW
Phone: 305-243-0157,

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