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Medical Records

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC)

For Sylvester Cancer Center Medical Records, please call (305) 243-5272 or send a fax to (305) 243-5274.

To request copies of your imaging records, such as CTs or MRIs, please contact the Film Library at (305) 243-6455.

For all other medical records requests, contact (305) 243-4257 or click on the link below:
Sylvester Medical Records Requests

Medical records can be released only with authorization signed by the patient or the patient’s representative. You may obtain your medical records by contacting Sylvester’s Department of Health Information Management at (305) 243-5272.

University of Miami Hospital (UMH)

For UMH Medical Records, please call (305) 689-5187 or send a fax to (305) 689-4490

Radiology Scheduling: (305) 689-5910
Nuclear Medicine Scheduling: (305) 689-5617
Reports/Film Area: (305) 689-5913

Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH)

For information regarding JMH medical records requests, please call (305) 585-6290 or click on the link below:
JHM Medical Records Request

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